Publications and Presentations

/OES Publications


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/AGU Fall Meeting Presentations


V23D-2867: Intercalibration of multiple thermochonometric systems at the Little Devil's Postpile contact aureole
David L Shuster, Peter W Reiners, Jennifer L Schmidt, Peter K Zeitler, Richard A Ketcham, Leif Karlstrom

V53B-2821: A new multiparameter database of Holocene and Pleistocene Cascades magmatism
Lay Kuan Loh, Leif Karlstrom, David W Ramsey, Connie L Driedger

V43E-04: Building a large magma chamber at Mount Mazama, Crater Lake, Oregon
Heather M. Wright, Leif Karlstrom, Charles R. Bacon

GP31B-1071: Precambrian Dynamo Reversal Behavior from Polarity Ratios
David A Evans, Peter E Driscoll

B33D-0546: Experimental Study of the Kinetics of CO2-Sequestration by Hawaiian Picrites
Shuang Zhang, Lin Qiu, Zhengrong Wang, Shun-ichiro Karato, Kevin T Johnson, Jay Ague, Michael L Oristaglio, Edward W Bolton, David Bercovici

B33D-0552: Constraining kinetic rates of mineral reactions using reactive transport models
Edward W Bolton, Zhengrong Wang, Jay Ague, David Bercovici, Zhengyu Cai, Shun-ichiro Karato, Michael L Oristaglio, Lin Qiu

MR33A-2447: Flow transport in deformable porous matrix with damage
Zhengyu Cai, David Bercovici

P13C-1955: Magnetic Field Influence on Atmospheric Escape and Planetary Evolution
Peter E Driscoll, David Bercovici

V53E-2882: Heat flow in the Lesser Antilles island arc and adjacent back arc Grenada basin
Michael Manga, Matthew J Hornbach, Anne Le Friant, Osamu Ishizuka, Nicole A Stroncik

V53E-2883: In-situ physical properties of submarine slides along the Lesser Antilles Arc derived from rock physics models
Matthew J Hornbach, Michael Manga, Tatsuya Adachi, Christoph F Breitkreuz, Sara Lafuerza, Anne LeFriant, Sally Morgan, Osamu Ishizuka, Martin Jutzeler, Angela L Slagle, Peter J Talling

V53E-2884: Flotation Experiments with Seafloor-Sampled Pumice Lapilli, IODP 340 - Preliminary Results
Martin Jutzeler, Michael Manga, James D White

V53E-2889: Consolidation state of marine sediments west of Martinique, Lesser Antilles volcanic arc: preliminary geotechnical analyses from IODP Expedition 340
Sara Lafuerza, Anne Le Friant, Michael Manga, Matthew J Hornbach, Martin Jutzeler, Christoph F Breitkreuz

NH11A-1549: Source evolution and longevity of the Lusi mud eruption, Indonesia
Maxwell L Rudolph, Manoochehr Shirzaei, Michael Manga, Yo Fukushima

T43A-2633: Crustal thickening drives arc front migration
Leif Karlstrom, Cin-Ty Lee, Michael Manga

V11B-2753: Counterintuitive effects of substrate roughness on PDCs (Invited)
Benjamin J Andrews, Michael Manga

V11B-2760: Crystal bearing magmas rheology: Theoretical, experimental and numerical comparison
Benoit Cordonnier, Boris J Kaus, Wim Degruyter, Michael Manga, Philippe Yamato, Thibault Duretz

VB23E-0506: Intensified Plant Activity Following the 2010 M8.8 Maule Earthquake
Christian H Mohr, Michael Manga, Chi-Yuen Wang

G23C-07: Computations of the viscoelastic response of a 3-D compressible Earth to surface loading: an application to Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in Antarctica and Canada
Geruo A, John M. Wahr, Shijie Zhong

T33J-05: A Model for Earth’s Mantle Dynamic History for The Last 500 Ma and Its Implications for Continental Vertical Motions and Geomagnetism (Invited)
Shijie Zhong, Peter Olson, Nan Zhang

B53A-0657: Effects of Lithospheric and Crustal Cooling and Global Sea-level Changes due to Glaciation Cycles on Paleogeography of the Galapagos
Shijie Zhong, Dennis Geist

OS31C-1757: Processes governing transient responses of the deep ocean buoyancy budget to a doubling of CO2
Jaime B Palter, Stephen M Griffies, Bonita L Hunter Samuels, Eric D Galbraith, Anand Gnanadesikan

OS33A-1812: Ocean Color and the Equatorial Annual Cycle in the Pacific
Arno C Hammann, Anand Gnanadesikan

A14E-04. Sensitivity of Stratospheric and Tropospheric Chemistry to Perturbations of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, and Chlorofluorocarbons
Richard S. Stolarski, Eric L. Fleming, Charles H. Jackman, Anne R. Douglass, Paul A. Newman

IN11A-1453: Estimating Uncertainty in a 41-year Merged Ozone Dataset from SBUV instruments
Natalya A Kramarova, Stacey M Frith, Richard D McPeters, Richard S Stolarski, Pawan K Bhartia, Gordon J Labow

A21G-0136: Response to solar forcing under different background atmospheric conditions
William H Swartz, Richard S Stolarski, Eric L Fleming, Charles H Jackman, Luke Oman

A21G-0141: Evaluation of Chemistry Climate Model Projections for Ozone Recovery using Network for Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC) Column Measurements of Chlorine Reservoirs HCl and ClONO2
Anne R Douglass, Susan E Strahan, Richard S Stolarski

A11J-0182: The Effect of Tropospheric Jet Latitude on Coupling between the Stratospheric Polar Vortex and the Troposphere
Edwin P Gerber, Chaim Garfinkel, Darryn W Waugh

A11J-0183: Observed Connection between Stratospheric Sudden Warmings and the Madden-Julian Oscillation
Chaim Garfinkel, Steven B Feldstein, Darryn W Waugh, Sukyoung Lee, Changhyun Yoo

A11J-0191: Seasonal Variations of Stratospheric Age Spectra in GEOSCCM
Feng Li, Darryn W Waugh, Anne R Douglass, Steven Pawson, Paul A Newman, Richard S Stolarski, Susan E Strahan

A43E-0206: Global Tropospheric OH
Julie M Nicely, Timothy P Canty, Chang Lang, Bryan N Duncan, Qing Liang, Luke Oman, Ross J Salawitch, Richard S Stolarski, Darryn W Waugh

A53P-0426: Air-mass Origin as a Diagnostic of Climate Change in Tropospheric Transport
Clara Orbe, Mark Holzer, Lorenzo M Polvani, Darryn W Waugh

GP13B-1129: Sherman Statistic Reveals Non-Random Behavior in the Phanerozoic Geomagnetic Polarity Time Scale
Linda A Hinnov, Peter Olson, Peter E Driscoll

GDI31A-2391: Rotation and penetrative convection in water cooled from below
Thierry Alboussiere, Stephane Labrosse, Fabien Dubuffet, Fanny Thibon, Ludovic Huguet, Renaud Deguen

DI31B-2397: Mantle convection modulates core evolution and geomagnetic reversals
Peter Olson, Renaud Deguen, Linda A Hinnov, Shijie Zhong

P44A-02. Fluid dynamics experiments on metal fragmentation in a magma ocean (Invited)
Renaud Deguen, Maylis Landeau, Peter Olson

MR13A-04. Towards a coherent interpretation of the seismic inner core (Invited)
Thierry Alboussiere, Renaud Deguen

MR41A-08. Silicate-Iron partitioning of Palladium and Ruthemium up to 110 GPa using nano-X-Ray Fluorescence imaging
Sylvain Petitgirard, Denis Andrault, Manuela Borchert, Karen Appel, Renaud Deguen, Mohamed Mezouar, Julie Villanova

DI11B-01. Conditions for inner core translation, and possible observable consequences for the outer core dynamics (Invited)
Renaud Deguen, Thierry Alboussiere, Peter Olson, Philippe Cardin

DDI33A-2409: F-layer formation in numerical dynamos with inner core translation
Evan Reynolds, Renaud Deguen, Peter Olson

DI22A-02 Science goals for the next generation of numerical dynamos (Invited)
Peter Olson