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OES weighs in on the core paradox

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Peter Olson and Peter Driscoll are featured in a recent article of Science News: sciencenews.org/article/magnetic-mystery-center-earth

OES Hosts 2015 Summer Course for Maryland Teachers

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The 3rd annual Open Earth Systems summer short course in the Earth Sciences was held in Olin Hall from July 6­-15, 2015. Participants were high school, middle school, and elementary school teachers and administrators from Baltimore City and County, each earning three Professional Development Credits during 40 hours of instruction, lab activities, and lesson plan development, led by Linda Hinnov, Peter Olson, David Nelson, Darryn Waugh, Raj Goswami, Anand Gnanadesikan, and Ben Zaitchik. Topics included Earth History, Plate Tectonics and the Rock Cycle, Global Climate Change, and Natural Disasters. Highlights included a cameo appearance by former EPS professor Steven Stanley discussing how evolution should be taught to young students, an urban heat island experiment featuring deployment of temperature/humidity recorders outside Olin Hall, and thanks to Teresa Healy and Kim Trent, several delicious catered lunches. Our OES summer short course series is a part of the outreach component of our Frontiers in Earth System Dynamics grant from the National Science Foundation.

New OES Books Published

The Treatise on Geophysics 2nd Edition, including Peter Olson's volume 8 "Core Dynamics", and David Bercovici's volume 7 "Mantle Dynamics" was officially published on June 12.

The Elsevier blurb reads: "The most comprehensive work on Solid Earth Geophysics ever published, completely revised since the first edition…" High praise, but also high price: $4K for the 11-volume treatise. Still, you had better get your copy while supplies last!

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Elsevier: elsevier.com/Treatise-on-Geophysics/isbn-9780444538024
Amazon: amazon.com/Treatise-Geophysics-Second-Gerald-Schubert/dp/044453802X

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