Open Earth Systems: An Earth Science Course For Maryland Teacher Professional Development

Wednesday July 8 (AM) Instruction by Linda Hinnov:

Thursday July 9 (AM) Instruction by Linda Hinnov:
Thursday July 9 (PM) Guest Lecture by Steven Stanley:

Maryland K-12 teachers working in the lab during the first Open Earth Systems course, June 2013.

When: July 6-15, 2015; 9:30-4:30 weekdays
For: Maryland teachers, K-12 (no science or math prerequisites)
By: JHU Earth and Planetary Sciences faculty and researchers
Credits: MSDE & Baltimore City AU approved 3 credits
Perks: Lunches and parking provided
Cost: Tuition waived for qualified applicants
Contact: Teresa Healy:

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Offering expert instruction in Earth science with hands-on activities and supervised lesson planning over four topics:

Plate Tectonics & Rock Cycle:
∙ Earth’s internal structure and heat engine
∙ Lithosphere in motion and plate boundaries
∙ Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks

Natural Disasters:
∙ Deadly Atlantic hurricanes: formation to landfall
∙ Mega-earthquakes and mega-volcanoes
∙ A survivor's guide to tornadoes and derechos

Earth History & Fossil Record:
∙ Geologic time and the stratigraphic record
∙ The early Earth and onset of life
∙ Fossils and the history of the biosphere

The Global Climate System:
∙ Understanding the greenhouse effect
∙ Ocean-atmosphere circulation
∙ An introduction to climate models and data