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Anand Gnanadesikan Marie-Aude Pradal

How increasing mixing warms the polar regions

One important question in paleoclimate is how to warm polar regions without significantly warming the equator. For example, during parts of the Cretaceous, dinosaurs were found in what is now the Arctic, but equatorial regions were not significantly warmer. One line of attempts to explain this phenomenon has focused on changing the transport of heat within the ocean. In a paper recently submitted to the Journal of Advances in Modeling the Earth System, Marie-Aude Pradal and Anand Gnanadesikan suggest a different pathway to warming.  Read more...

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Open Earth Systems is a research project funded by the Frontiers in Earth System Dynamics Program of the National Science Foundation. The goal of Open Earth Systems is to interface state-of-the-art models of the atmosphere, ocean, crust, mantle, and core to better understand the causes and consequences of critical events in Earth's history.